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Build your booty with Peachy Bay Bands

Resistance Bands - 5 Resistance Levels

Resistance Bands - 5 Resistance Levels

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Build your glutes with Peachy Bay Resistance Bands

Product Description:

Resistance bands have taken the fitness world by storm. But many are low quality: prone to slipping or snapping during exercise. The Peachy Bay 5-pack set of natural latex resistance bands have been created with this in mind; durable, 100% latex bands providing intense resistance to help you sculpt your dream body at home or in the gym. 


  • Suitable for all experience levels - The pack of 5 bands comes in a variety of resistance, making them perfect for beginners to advanced lifters. They color coded in different shades of pink to indicate their resistance level:
    • Light Resistance, 4.5 - 7 kgs
    • Medium Resistance, 7- 10 kgs
    • Heavy Resistance, 11 -13 kgs.
    • X-Heavy Resistance, 15-18 kgs.
  • Lightweight - The bands are extremely light and portable, coming in a pink carry bag, making them super easy to transport from place to place so you can keep up your workout routine wherever you are.
  • Progressive overload - To build your booty, you need to progressively overload your resistance. Peachy Bay bands offer five incremental resistance levels to optimize your glute growth.
  • Attractive gym gear - No more ugly primary-color bands! These bands come in five beautiful shades of pink to match your aesthetic.
  • 100% latex - The latex material is durable and can withstand extensive use.
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