About Us

Peachy Bay - About 

Hi! We’re Peachy Bay. The new workout brand designed to help you grow the perfect peach. We all know how important it is to feel confident in the body you’re in - that’s why we created Peachy Bay.

Who are we?

We’re a female focused brand with a passion for all things fitness. We pride ourselves on our product line: the highest quality, effective, and cutest fitness gear on the market today.

Having launched November 20th 2020, we are a new company but have already created a community of empowered women. Why not join us? Click here to subscribe to our blog!

Our mission

Too many women are struggling to love themselves and authentically show up in the world, and to us, that’s one woman too many.

Peachy Bay encourages women to be their true self, love who they are and feel confident in their body - so they can show up in the world as the best version of themselves.

We believe that to build confidence in who you are as a person, you have to build confidence in your own ability. To us, that means creating healthy habits and actually sticking to them.

Prove to yourself you are capable of achieving your goals.

Respect yourself enough to stay fit and healthy.

Love yourself by enjoying the process.

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