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The Top Products for Glute Gains

The most effective equipment for growing your glutes doesn’t have to break the bank. While squat racks and leg press machines are great for generating results they aren’t as convenient for home workouts. In a time where we have had to rely on exercising in our homes many have turned their attention to other pieces of equipment. Thankfully, with a few simple yet high-quality products you can transform your workouts and achieve the results you have been looking for. 

Isolation exercises challenge the glutes directly and help with rapid muscle gain. In order to achieve this muscle isolation, there are a few pieces of crucial equipment to target and grow your glutes. Naturally, the biggest muscle in the body requires a number of different exercises to complete a comprehensive workout. Here are the best products and exercises to help you build strength, size and tone.

Resistance Band

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are one of the most popular and effective pieces of equipment for those looking for serious glute gains. With that being said, not everyone uses them correctly and there are a couple of different options for those looking to invest. Resistance bands are typically made from fabric or latex. Latex options tend to be more durable and will maintain their resistance during the heaviest lifts. Latex resistance bands are also easier to clean, picking up less dirt and sweat, so for those looking to consistently log more than one booty workout per week, latex is the way to go. 

However, latex isn’t the only option and for the fashion conscious, fabric resistance bands are typically more popular. With a variety of colours to suit a variety of tastes, those looking to level up their gym gear will often choose high-performance fabric resistance bands. It’s not just about looks, fabric resistance bands also tend to excel in the comfort department. While latex often catches and pings as you rep out, fabric holds firm and delivers resistance without discomfort.

Now you’ve chosen your weapon of choice, it’s time to attack your glute workout armed with some challenging exercises. The side shuffle is an exercise that looks simple but will soon have your booty burning. Start with your resistance band around your legs just above your ankles and your feet shoulder width apart. Crab sideways with one leg followed by the other, you should feel the muscles in the side of your booty working. For a twist on a classic try a squat with extra resistance. Everyone knows how good squats are for glute gains and they can be made even better with the help of a resistance band. Place the band around your thighs and squat as deep as you can while maintaining good form. Hold the squat at the bottom and push out against the resistance band to really feel the burn.

 Jumping Rope

Skipping rope

The jumping rope is an amazing piece of equipment that is all too often overlooked. Achieving the booty you are looking for isn’t all about strength and size, for maximum tone and a desirable aesthetic you need a piece of equipment that will burn calories and tone muscle. A jump rope is a simple piece of equipment but you should still look for a high quality product. You need a rope that holds its shape with handles that are comfortable. Also make sure the “rope” is made from forgiving materials that won’t leave you with red marks on your legs as you learn to master the exercise.

Jump rope exercises challenge your quads, hamstrings and calves as well as your glutes allowing you to tone the entirety of your lower body. By working a variety of muscles you can also improve the quality of other compound exercises. Using a jump rope will allow you to squat deeper and hold a bridge for longer in the future. While it might be a playground favourite, the correct form for serious jump rope is important. Maintain an upright posture and bend your knees as you focus on jumping no more than a couple of inches off the floor. Not only will you feel it challenging your glutes and lower body muscles you’ll also be burning fat as you go. 


Core Sliders

Sliders are often under utilised in glute workouts. When used correctly, sliders can take things to the next level and provide variety to keep you motivated. Sliders give you the opportunity to target the hamstrings and core as well as the glutes to give you a full-body burn. One of the most effective glute exercises is a bridge and it can be adapted and made more difficult using sliders. Start by lying on your back before bending your legs and placing your feet on the sliders on the ground. Assume a bridge position by pushing through your feet and glutes to create a straight line from your shoulders to your knees. Hold this position as you alternately straighten one leg at a time, tense your glutes to maintain stability and complete as many reps as you can with good form.


In order to get a comprehensive glute workout you need the right equipment and a variety of exercises. Resistance bands will make traditional exercises more challenging such as squats and leg raises. A jumping rope will allow you to burn fat and tone your glutes to allow you to develop the shape you are looking for while sliders will contribute to both strength and tone.


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